The Donny Charitable Trust
The Donny Trust has been a loyal and substantial funder to Brainwave, providing untagged funding for 8 years. This funding provides secure foundations to Brainwave, contributing significantly towards operational costs.

Sir Thomas and Lady Duncan Trust
The Sir Thomas and Lady Duncan Trustees is a long term supporter of Brainwave, having funded our work for more than ten years. This funding has enabled Brainwave to reach over 20,000 future parents with messages with knowledge around the importance of the early years of life; the next generation are likely to be the beneficiaries.

Wright Family Foundation
The Wright Family Foundation has generously supported Brainwave since 2016 enabling us to reach children and families living in at risk communities across New Zealand through the sharing of knowledge on brain development in the early years and adolescence.

We are also grateful to the following funders who have recently supported the work of Brainwave in our communities:
Chenery Memorial Trust
Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)
Foundation North
Kelliher Charitable Trust
Lindsay Foundation
Lottery Grants Board
Pub Charity Limited
The Tindall Foundation
The Lion Foundation