Whakamana i te tamaiti.
Brainwave’s vision is that all tamariki in Aotearoa are valued and nurtured in order to reach their full potential.


We share knowledge about the critical importance of the first thousand days of life. We make research understandable and accessible to everyone who influences the lives of pēpi, tamariki and rangatahi.

What do we seek to achieve?

Our particular expertise is in early brain development. There is a lot of consensus on this among researchers, and a wealth of knowledge about child development. Brainwave Trust seeks to make this knowledge accessible to all.

How do we achieve this?

  • We provide targeted, culturally responsive programmes that:
    • make research–based knowledge available to all in a meaningful way and
    • support people to work out how to improve their care of children based on this information.
  • Form partnerships to further disseminate knowledge.
  • Make a credible and trusted contribution towards a culture that values good parenting and prevents abuse and neglect.
  • Advocate for children and families where societal change is needed.